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Kėdainiai Regional Museum

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About us

Kėdainiai Regional Museum – one of the oldest in Lithuania – was established in 1922. The expositions of the Museum and its branches tell about the life of the private Kėdainiai town of the 15th–19th centuries, its national communities of Lithuanians, Poles, Scots, Germans, Jews and Russians as well as confessional communities of the Reformers, Lutherans, Catholics, Arians, Orthodox and Jews.

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Stock collections

The Museum’s collection consists of about 50 000 exhibits, classified into history-ethnography, writings, photography, art, numismatics and auxiliary departments.

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The exposition of Kėdainiai Regional Museum consists of 17 sections, spanning the history of Kėdainiai town and region from prehistorical times to 1991. The most important and attractive expositions are ‘Kėdainiai in the 16th-18th centuries’, ‘A set of furniture of horns from Apytalaukis manor’, ‘The crosses by Vincas Svirskis’, paintings by Aloyzas Stasiulevičius and ‘Kėdainiai region in a shadow of the swastika and the red star in 1940-1953’.

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Museum educational programs

The educational program consists of more than 30 themes, including history, ethnoculture and art and are designed for pre-school and school pupils.

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Every week Kėdainiai Regional Museum and its branches organize concerts, openings of exhibitions, commemorations of historical events, meetings with artists, authors and educational events. Almost all exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events are held in the Multicultural Centre characterized by its flawless acoustics. This concert hall is come to like and often used by executants of the ancient, classical and jazz music from Lithuania and abroad. Besides, every year the Museum organizes public events for the town’s community and guests in various public spaces of Kėdainiai town: events of the ‘European Night of Museum’, takes part in all celebrations of Kėdainiai, commemorated important historical events. Every year the Museum in its branches and public spaces organizes more than 100 events, that are visited by more than 10 000 visitors.

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Didžioji st. 19,


tel. +370 347 51330,

e-mail kedainiumuziejus@gmail.com,


Work time for visitors: Tuesday – Saturday 10–17

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