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Hrodna State Historical and Archaeological Museum

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About us

The Cultural Institution “Hrodna State Historical and Archaeological Museum” is one of the oldest and largest museums in the Republic of Belarus. The museum was founded in 1920, and in 1922 it was opened to the public and was located in three rooms in the building of then town municipality.

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Stock collections

The Museum reserve began to take shape in March 1920, when the Commission of custody over the monuments of art and culture at Hrodna Provincial Administration undertook searching and collectiing monuments of history and culture for the State Museum. The Museum collection was very diverse: ancient tile, products of Hrodna manufactories, portraits of kings and magnates, paintings on religious themes, icons, carpets in the technique of double weaving, folk belts, Porazava black smoked ceramics, documents of the XV – XVII-th centuries, books of the XV – XIX-th centuries. The Archaeological collection was even then distinguished from others. During World War II a part of the collection was looted.

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The main educational space of any museum is its exposition. Preparation and opening of the permanent exhibition stimulates the development of core activities of the museum.
Modern exposition of Hrodna State Historical and Archaeological Museum is housed in four buildings: in the Royal Palaces of the XVI-th and the XVII-th centuries, the so-called the Old and the New Castles, in the former House of the city guard of the XVIII-th century (Haradnytsa History Museum), in the wooden house built in 1888 (Maxim Bahdanovich Museum).

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Museum educational programs

Annually Hrodna State Historical and Archaeological Museum offers various themes of tours, lectures, activities for visitors of different ages (preschool, elementary school, middle and high school students of secondary special educational institutions, colleges, technical schools, university students, adults).
Season-ticket service is offered to school students. Each session consists of several classes on various topics according to each age group of visitors. The following classes are of greatest demand: “Life of Ancient People”, “Witnesses of Everlasting Glory”, “How the Book came to us”, “Animals and Birds in Belarusian Fairy Tales”, “A Little House in the Sea”, “On a visit to Neptune”, “Kinds of Art”, “A Journey to the Post Office Country” etc.

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Annual celebrations to mark the International Day of Museums are held in Hrodna State Historical-Archaeological Museum. Unlike other museums of Belarus, which spend only “A Day at the Museum” or “A Night at the Museum”, our Museum is the only one to present the project “Day and Night at the Museum”. Visitors have the opportunity to see both the expositions of the museum, and the exhibitions which are on display at that time, to participate in the events held in the Old and in the New Castles.

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230023 Belarus, Hrodna
Zamkavaya st., 20
Творчая група:
Sviatlana Rapetskaya, koordinator, rapeckaja@mail.ru
Yahor Kotkin, concept developer, ykotkin@tut.by
Natalia Pavlenko, artist and designer, natart@tut.by
Elena Rapinchuk, researcher, alenapluta@gmail.com
Lyudmila Rohach, a museum specialist, ludmiuszka@gmail.com
Catherine Ambrazhevich, computer operator, Katerina_AEA@mail.ru
Sviatlana Marazevich, translator, ardvisura@bk.ru
Ivan Iwashka, cameraman, ivashko82@gmail.com

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