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Rezekne Higher Education Institution

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About Us

  • Rezekne Higher Education Institution (RHEI) birthday is on the 1st of July 1993.
  • RHEI was established on the base of the University of Latvia and Riga Technical University, but traditions of higher education have existed in Rezekne since the period of the independence of Latvia (1918–1940), when Rezekne Pedagogical School (1922), later Rezekne Teacher Training Institute (1925–1944) began its work.
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RHEI employs nearly 100 elected representatives of the academic staff. Almost all representatives of the academic staff are involved in scientific work, however, there have been allocated on average 35 FTEs (full time equivalents) a year (in 2013) for scientific activities. On average 150 publications are published annually.

RHEI scientific periodicals, which are available online and placed in quotable databases, are particularly significant.
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RHEI expeditions are organized within the study process and scientific work. Students and lecturers participate in ecological, geographical and folklore expeditions. Sometimes there are also organized archaeological, oral history, tourism and museum visiting practice and expeditions.

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Study programs

RHEI has successfully participated in accreditation of the study fields. Currently RHEI offers 38 study programs in 15 fields of study, providing regional and national needs in the fields of humanities, pedagogy, social studies, and engineering. Studies are offered at all levels of higher education – college, Bachelor, Master, PhD.

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RA has established annual event traditions. One of them (since 1998) is a literally musical event “Andrew’s day” (the authors of the idea: I. Šuplinska, A. Juško-Štekele), which is celebrated in late November: http://www.ru.lv/studentiem/arpusstudiju_aktivitates/andrejdienas/arpusstudiju_aktivitates_andrejdiena_2009/.

The event is organized to go through folkloric traditions, present latest literature and music, and play in a literary cabaret to get the Andrew’s day Award – Foolscap. (http://studija.ru.lv/categories.php?cat_id=382).

This is one of the events, which RHEI will offer the participants of Latvia-Lithuania- Belarus cross-border cooperation program project LLB-2-269 “The Virtual Past is a Keystone for the Future of Museums” to take part on the 30th of November 2014.

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Atbrīvošanas aleja 115,

Rēzekne, Latvija, LV-4601



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